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Barbados Destination for a Wedding! YES!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Its been a busy time, just got back from Barbados. What a great place to visit! Went to Sandals, all inclusive resort. It was really kind of nice. Had a room with an ocean view and a soaking tub on the balcony. It was so nice to go out and sit on the balcony and hear and see the rush of the waves, I love a beautiful view. It was a nice time to just sit and marvel at the view, I just came back from California from taking care of business from my dad. More sad stuff, but some beauty too. Got to see my brother. I also got to see the beach in Santa Monica.

I love the Ocean, it is so beautiful. It is so big. and when you feel like your day is filled with big troubles look out at the Ocean and see how big it is, your problems don't seem that big anymore.

Back to Barbados, It was hot and the perfect detraction for a few days, training and seeing what the beautiful property looked like, tasting all the food, trying all the services. Went for an awesome Catamaran Ride! Tried sushi for the first time, California roll, I guess it was not raw fish, but it was great! Butch's steak house, great! Room service, fast, hot and so good!

Pool bar, had a few drinks even though I don't usually drink, they were kind of strong, and they were to all of the patrons liking. The pool that went along the the swim up rooms were amazing! Said to be the longest pool in the Caribbean. The pool at the cabana's was really nice, pool at the pool bar was what you would expect. There was a net to play volleyball, which was busy with players most days.

The grounds were so amazing, flowers everywhere! The areas for the weddings were exquisite, so many nice touches, from heart shapes right into the lawn to arches in plantings. Breathtaking! And what your eyes did not enjoy, your nose took in, it was just so beautiful, the pictures were sure to be amazing. This does not even mention the backdrop of the Beach and the Ocean!

For a Wedding this is quite a great Destination!

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