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Air travel was a surprise!

I love to travel! I however hate to travel coach ( I know, I know). This travel experience was not to bad! We were going on a mini family vaca and due to the number traveling we traveled coach.

Not just coach but on the airline that you don't pick your seat until you are boarding, you have to get a letter and number then board when they call you !

It was not terrible! In fact it was quite comfortable! I was ready for a miserable flight with my knees in the seat in front of me. Nope, ample seat spacing, free snacks, and a little bit of entertainment from the jovial crew were the order of the day!

We went to visit the mouse in Florida, stayed in the "new" time share on premises. Hated the decor, hated the furniture, it was made for dolls,even hated the service!

We normally have a great time both checking in and out of the resort, not so much this time! We took advantage of the online checkin service, Not a fan if this is the way you get to your room!

Loved the view, loved The Hoop De Doo Revue, loved the layout of the condo.

The parks, they were crowded! I am not talking a wait time for rides, I am talking a sea of people just trying to walk to rides! Never go during vacation week! That is a note to myself!

The dinner show mentioned above Hoop Dee Doo Revue, it was great! Fun and funny, the meal is more than enough to fill you, (it keeps coming out till you are full) Bottomless soft drinks, beer and wine. They participate with the audience during the show. I don't want to give to much away if you have not seen it!

If you go get there a little bit early, you can walk around the grounds after you get your ticket. If you get there 15 minutes before the show you will be waiting in a long line. Everyone else has gotten there 15 minutes before the show.

It is a little bit pricy when you look at it initially, but it's a live show with a great meal, (if you like fried chicken ,ribs and all the fixins) Plus all your drinks and dessert! So I think it was worth the price. It is also part of the Dining Plan, 2 meals but again worth it.

We skip the "magical" free ride to our vacation and get the free ride at the end. We take a taxi, it helps the taxi drivers and it gets us there faster to start our vacation! You are also not waiting in more lines and jockeying for a seat on the bus.

Our flight home was just as pleasant, same seat spacing, same free snacks, another crew who seemed to love their jobs!

I may travel with this airline again! How have your airline seats been? What do you fly and how are the seats in coach?

Link for tours on your own.

I will earn a small commission.

This was in 2016- share your experiences from today!

Share your experiences .

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