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Are Travel Agents Used Anymore?

Did you know that not only do travel advisors exist, but we provide personalized service. When you have a question or need to make a change to your trip, you have a person you can call, e-mail, text or sometimes even meet with in person.

You may think that booking online, using a booking site works just fine, and it may until you have a problem or a question. Have you ever tried to contact Expxxia, or even a bigbox store like xostco to fix a problem with your trip? A travel advisor offers something that most professions don't offer anymore - personal service! When you need our help you will not be on hold for hours, or talk to someone located in a foreign country, who does not understand what you are saying (and you may not understand him or her). You will not have to explain the same thing ten times because you end up speaking to ten different people, or the people you speak with, deal with so many customers that to them you are just Customer #xxx.

To us, you are a VIP! We care about your likes and dislikes, and keep track of your food allergies, your passport expirations and your frequent flier numbers. We genuinely want people to have the vacation of their lives. We love travel and want all of our guests to love their trips. Unlike many other professionals, such as attorneys, accountants or even kitchen designers, travel advisors will usually not charge an hourly fee. Not even when we work on a holiday, or past midnight to take care of a client who needs help. So what can a travel advisor help you with? I am glad you asked.

We all work a little bit differently, but a few things that a travel advisor may help you with include: 1. Inspire and advise you on destinations and experiences to enjoy. 2. Save you time and take the stress & worries out of the vacation planning. Especially now, after COVID, when rules and regulations are very fluid and change frequently. 3. Take care of all the details such as travel insurance, pick-up at the airport, special celebrations, large group bookings and a long list of other things. 4. Work hard to get you a room or a cruise cabin with a great location, give recommendations on special restaurants or maybe a beautiful view that should not be missed. We add that personal touch, either from our own experience, or from our many travel suppliers all over the world who we work closely with to plan your unique and special travel experience.

5. We are accessible before, during and after your trip to make sure everything goes smoothly.

I, along with all my colleagues, are ready to help you plan your next vacation.

by lene minyard

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