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Free Travel if you know how!

I would rather be traveling! Always!

I started out traveling when I was a small child at the age of about 5. I have the first memories of traveling alone on an airplane before the unaccompanied minor programs. My mother or father would bring me to the plane and sit me in my seat. (at least that is what I remember) The stewardesses would keep me amused through the flight. I know they are flight attendants, but back then they were not called that! They gave me cards and games and I always got a pair of wings. (sure wish I kept those wings!) At the end of the flight the other parent would collect me at the door of the plane. Boy have things changed!

I started to travel for fun when I was about 12, got to travel to other states with groups of friends during "camp" , mini bikes and Salvation Army Camp. This kind of travel was always fun and I never knew quite what to expect. Sometimes I got into trouble, started smoking at a young age because of this kind of travel! Young camp "counselors", really just teens or early twenties who were paid to bring us and were there to keep us off the streets during the school year.

Then when I could travel with my own self directed travel I set off on cross country trips, or airplane rides to great destinations. These were great camping trips, Florida vacations, travel to anywhere I could go!

Travel has always been a priority! I wanted to discover new places and see God's beautiful earth! I was not a rich young girl so I had to learn to be creative.

I love traveling so much that when I could (after my children had grown) I became a travel agent! I continue to learn and educate myself today, planning travel for clients as well as my family.

The first days of traveling and still today, I travel for free! I have joined every club I can find and I save points from hotels as well as credit cards. It takes some time to master the points system but if you have time and you are great about not carrying a balance on your card it is a great way to travel for free. It is getting a little bit harder today as they have many more black out dates than they used to.

Hawaii on one of our trips

I have traveled to Hawaii 6 times for free, I have traveled to Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand and did not spend money on my hotels! Really NICE Hotels!

View from my room

I have over a million points on various hotel, credit card and club accounts. I join and save, so I can travel for free.

Have you traveled for free? How do you do it? It might seem crazy for a travel Consultant to tell you how to travel for free but I think you still need a travel agent today. There are tours to help with and everything is not always free- so you need help. The internet sells lots of travel, however you have a lot of sites that you pay and that is it! Thank you and good bye, if you run into a problem, your flight is cancelled or you need help.... There is noone there to help you. Travel agents care deeply about the client, want to build a strong long relationship, and have trained to know what they are doing.

Link to reserve tours on your own.

I will earn a small commission.

Do you use a travel agent? Why or why not?

Tell me about your BEST vacation. Love to hear about your favorite places to go and if you take free trips!

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