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How to Pack Lighter: Tips On How to Pack Like A Pro

Planning for a trip is truly exciting, but packing… not so much. When booking a flight, there’s always a weight limit for checked luggage. Packing requires practicality and strategy. So here are a few tips on how to pack lighter for your next trip!

Pack only the must-haves.

Make a checklist of all the things you need. Like really, actually need. Surely you can’t bring clothes for every possible situation! Take your time, think long and hard about your necessities. Pack them first, and then you can check if there’s any space left for your “just in case” clothes and other things.

Pack for one week.

If you’re traveling for two weeks or longer, that doesn’t mean you have to bring all your clothes. Break your packing list down into a week’s worth of clothing. Pick out your favorites that you can easily mix and match, then you’re good to go!

Mind your shoes.

Ah, of course, we can’t miss this one. We’re all tempted to bring most – if not all – of our shoes. But shoes tend to be bulky, and they take up too much space, so you gotta wise up. Bring only two pairs of shoes (yes, that includes the one you’ll be wearing), and then wear the bulkier or heavier pair.

Choose the right bag.

Packing light means you have to go for a smaller bag. That way, you can avoid overpacking. Pick a bag that can fit all your needs and one that doesn’t feel too heavy to carry around. You can always opt for a suitcase with wheels, but backpacks are lighter. Having the right bag is the first step toward packing light.

Ready for your next trip? With these few tips, tips, you’re well on your way to your next destination with a much lighter bag!

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