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Required Vaccinations for Airline Employees.

They are starting and many are jumping on board every day. Vaccination Mandates. Do you care? Will this be the decider in which airline you fly on?

Today it is getting harder and harder to navigate the many changes in the travel industry.

Today I received 10 emails with just minor changes. How do you navigate these changes, how do you keep track? Some countries and airlines are changing on the daily.

Listed below are some of the changes for today;

According to the Los Angeles Times the following airlines are requiring employees to get vaccinated.

Hawaiian Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and United Airlines has announced this week a new policy of requiring employees to be vaccinated.

American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Southwest Airlines have stated through various avenues they are not requiring a vaccination but they are encouraging them.

Will this matter to you and where you sit for your air travel?

Share your feelings about this very fluid and on-going subject.

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