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Traveling in 2021

Traveling in 2021 is a little different than in 2019. It can still be exciting and fun. There are still so many things you can do and see. It will just take extra patience and some planning. Cruise lines are starting to take reservations for actual cruises. Airports are seeing more and more families . Countries are opening or have opening dates for you to be allowed to travel. We will be going places very soon!

If you are anti-vax or Pro Vaccination there is room for you in the travel scene. If you are unable to get the vaccination you have a seat as well.

You have to be sure you know the guidelines to travel. What is required of you before you leave home, when you get to the destination, and before you are traveling home.

Every country is different and every state is different. Things are very fluid and changes could be happening every day. Make sure you leave room for unexpected changes.

Most places require a Negative Covid-19 test with in hours before entering their country/Island. The time allowed is slightly different depending on where you are going. Some places will forgo the negative test if you have had a vaccine and or have had covid-19.

There are online documentation websites for some areas to upload your vaccine, negative test results.

Be sure you know what the guidelines are before you travel! These change as positive cases decrease and increase.

The Vaccine gives you a document- Do not laminate it. Take a picture of the card or scan it. Keep the original in a safe place. If you loose the card, it is said you can get it replaced. A copy will make this easier. There is a possibility of booster doses in the future and you will need the lot number on the card for these, keeping the card in the original state allows it to be updated. Some states/countries will introduce digital passports for the vaccination. You can upload your information into these for future use.

We are coming into a new time. No one really knows what the future will look like- we can still travel and enjoy our families. For a time it may look different.

Do not be afraid of the future.

Link to reserve tours on your own.

I will earn a small commission.

I look forward to travel, enjoying family and friends, and seeing new places again.

Have you traveled yet in 2021? I would love to hear all about it.

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