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Oahu for the First Time Visitor

Hawaii is pretty amazing any time of year. The first time visitor will feel a little like they have landed in paradise, heaven, a perfect location. The weather is perfect almost all year round. There is some rain sometimes, but it is fun to watch and it is not the freezing drenching rain that you get in lots of other locations.

Upon your arrival to your hotel most locations will greet you with a real flower lei. Beautiful fragrant plumeria flowers are the treasured flowers for these. They smell great and are beautiful, you can put one behind your ear too. Which ear will signify if you are married or single so be careful.

Waikiki is the famous location that everyone stays at at some point in their stay in Hawaii. Some of the chain hotels have the best locations on the beach. You want to try and get breakfast included in your hotel stay. Hawaii is very expensive to visit. The food is one of the biggest expenses. Remember it is an island and everything has to be brought in.

If you would like to see a traditional show a luau is a great way to see that. They will will treat you to a beautiful story of Hawaii through dance and the traditional food. There will be so much food that no one can possibly leave hungry. The food has evolved from the beginning and now is a melting pot of the cultures that settles in Hawaii. The foods you can expect to have: Rice, sometimes chicken long rice, Huli Huli Chicken, Kalua Pig, roasted in a traditional imu-underground oven this will be a staple at almost every luau.Lomi Lomi Salmon, macaroni salad, poi- this purple looking mashed karo. You must try this. It is an acquired taste I think. But don't leave the luau without a sample. Sweet bread rolls, Kulolo, a dessert made of mashed kalo (taro) sugar and coconut milk, Haupia, custard like dessert that has the texture of jello.

Some of the luau's have crafts that you can take part in and have lots of areas to try things like going up and being part of the hula dance.

Honolulu is the Capital City of Oahu, you can find surf lessons and lots of wide open space and beaches. The North Shore is where you will find the surfer with the high surf and some of the best surfers in the world come there to compete and watch the competitors. The 8 most famous surf breaks can be found on the North Shore.

There are so many things to see on Oahu: Royal Hawaiian Center, Waikiki Beach Walk, Aquarium, Honolulu Zoo, Diamond Head, Punchbowl Cemetery, Pearl Harbor, Battleship Missouri, Sugar Plantation, Botanical Garden, Pineapple Plantation, Kualo Ranch, Waimea Valley, Bishop Museum, Sea life Park. So many things to see and visit.

One of the highlights to any trip is getting in the water! Snorkeling in hunamoma bay! It is beautiful to just go and sit on the shore. But get in the water and see the beautiful colorful fish! There was a requirement for reservations shortly after the Pandemic- make sure you check on this. A guided tour will get you there and provide the needed snorkel equipment.

A first time visit to Hawaii and the Island of Oahu can be done from the East Coast in about 8-10 days to be comfortable and have plenty of time to rest, and take in lots of what the island has to offer. If you are interested in planning and need help you can email me here:

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