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Why River Cruise ?

There is a lot of interest in River Cruising these days. Why? Why river cruise when you can go on a ship with 3000 people and have a great time?

River cruising is a great way to see the country. You are welcomed at the dock by the staff and let onto the ship. You are not waiting in long lines with thousands of people trying to stay patient and excited! The ships are smaller and more intimate. There are hundreds of other guests not thousands. No one is trying to sell you a spot to buy anything. You get to

cruise on a small luxury ship and have the time of your life!

The ports are up close and when possible right in the middle of everything. You don't have to drive for hours, unless you want to, to see the sites. Everyone on the ship knows your name by the end of day 2.

You can truly watch the world go by, right out your balcony, window or topside. On the Nile you can look out and see Egypt- on so amazing. All the different topographical scenes. Native people living their daily lives. Entertainment from the local cultural interests. Talk and meet the talent.

The food- Most of the food I have had on the river cruises I have been on has been amazing. Everyone on board can sit and

eat at the same time in the same dining

room. No waiting in lines to jockey for a table. Fresh local cuisine and world renowned chefs menus.

Specialty dining included on most sailings.

Welcome party to meet your fellow cruisers. Wine and beer available on almost all cruises as a compliment.

Themed and specialty cruises.

I went on a cruise with a Famous Television Host- Samantha Brown. She met and mingled with fellow passengers and gave a few Travel Talks during the cruise. It was a great way to experience something different and fresh. You may love wine and want to learn more about wine and enjoy a certain region in Europe. There is a river cruise for you.

Tours and excursions- they are included! There are at least a few to choose from for every port every stop. There are one of a kind experiences that are exclusive to the River Cruise Company as well. Go inside of a castle, see a music event, go to the ballet. There are so many different things that are offered. Some of the special exclusive events do have a fee. There is always a great included tour in each port stop.

There is new talent brought on the ship throughout the cruising experience. Theses run the gambit as well- you never know what you are going to see, or hear.

Its a sophisticated way to sail-never stuffy, but you are treated like a VIP!

Some of the small ships have movies on the top deck, pools, hot tubs. They almost all offer some kind of health or yoga class. Limited workout equipment. A walking track. Sunning lounge chairs on the top deck. Some have a golf putting green.

They all have a small beauty salon for those hair cuts during your cruise. There is also an opportunity to have a massage on board. These services are by appointment and there is a fee.

The captain joins the dining room, He also mingles through the cruise days. There is a dedicated cruise desk for any questions for future or during cruise questions.

The staterooms are small but well appointed, the suites are enormous for a small ship.

At the end of the cruise you can either put your luggage outside your door or simply wheel it off the ship.

Something to consider if you really like to cruise but you do not want a big crowd. It is a great way to see the region you are in.

If you are interested in a river cruise please let me help you choose the right one for you. There are even Family River Cruises now that are geared for the family.

There are times when I like to go on an ocean Cruise and get lost in the crowd and on the ship. But there is nothing like a river cruise, easy, luxurious, intimate and exciting.

Have you been on a river cruise? Share your experience.

Are you interested in going on one? What kind? Did you know there are also great river cruises in the USA? You don't even have to leave the country to experience this kind of travel!

Consider one for your next vacation!

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